crypto_list is a tiny password manager written in Python.

It's allows you to create key-value pairs through a minimalistic GUI and then cryptograph this list of pairs using a symmetric-key algorithm.

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WiiLoad++ helps you deploy homebrew applications to Wii.

It extends the original wiiload's functionalities by enabling the deployment of full directories (not only .dol files).

It also makes your life easier by generating homebrew channel metadata from command line.

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uunit is a xUnit test framework for Unity.

Initially written in Boo (by another person), this project was almost dead until I voluntarily took its lead and ported it to C#, adding a few new features during the proccess.

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InNomine Character Sheet

This program enables you to create In Nomine characters on PC, allowing you to print a nice digitalized sheet aftewards.

It uses its own file format for persisting characters on disk.

It was written, many years ago, in Delphi.

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decision tree

This small Java project was developed as a self-teaching effort during an artificial intelligence course taken in graduation.

It computes a decision tree from a semicolon delimited text file. All meaninful algorithms were separated in libraries.

It was based on pseudocodes available on this classic AI book.

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